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Let us show you the benefits of tree growth regulator treatments. Maybe we can save your trees and bring new life into them!

Growth Control for Trees

* Growth regulators allow you to delay the need for pruning and to hold pruning jobs longer:
* Thicker leaves, great fine root production and more leaf hairs increase the drought tolerance of treated trees.
* Research show that growth regulation applications increase root growth, making it an ideal methods of treatment for trees that have incurred root damage.
* The reallocation of energy makes the tree healthier and more durable. Regulator is absorbed by the roots and transported in the xylem to the growing points where it blocks formation of the hormone gibberellic acid. Gubberellic acid is responsible for cell elongation, and it is produced through a series of reactions in the isoprenoid pathway. For more information see this link.

Growth control for shrubs

Reduce Re-trimming
* Treated pants require less pruning and will exhibit a more compact growth habit.
Better Appearing Plants
* Treated plants have darker green foliage that win’t “thin out” in the middle.
* Will not cause a yellowing (chlorosis) of new growth.

We specialize in maintaining the health of your trees and plants. We use proven techniques and follow proven methods based on scientific analysis, research and training.


Tree defects can be linked to several factors. However, if defects are not attended to proactively, they can become hazardous. Extreme threats to property, safety and life occur when trees are neglected. Sometimes, the threat must be removed. Conversely, occasionally the best alternative might be to preserve the tree by providing reinforcement through cabling and bracing to counteract structural weaknesses. Structural reinforcement and monitoring can safely add years of useful benefit to a tree. Our team of experts can assess the viability of this option.
Contact us to help you beautify and maintain your property. Our staff is ready to provide personal attention to your property, tailored to your needs. Our experts can determine and advise you as to the best, most cost-effective means of care and maintenance of your property



The adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care,” applies directly to the care of trees and plants. Taking trees and plants on your property for granted will usually result in inevitably large, sudden expenses consisting of a number of probable outcomes such as property damage, injury, death, and lawsuits. Neglect exposes you to numerous liabilities. Conversely, early and periodic attention given to trees and plants is a cost-effective way to reduce your long-term maintenance costs and avoid most problems that only become worse over time. Early resolution of problems is always the best way to reduce your costs and liabilities and maximize the benefits of your trees and plants.
Contact us to help you beautify and maintain your property. Our staff is ready to provide personal attention to your property, tailored to your needs.

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