Preparing Trees and Property for the Upcoming Growing Season

When and How to Begin Preparing Trees and Property for the Upcoming Growing Season This time of year, people often ask us when and how they should begin preparing their trees and property for the upcoming growing season. Answer: This time of year with weather in transition from winter into spring, people are getting excited […]

Pruning Apple Trees

What is the Best Time to Prune My Apple Tree? One question we that is often asked of us this time of year pertains to the best time to prune apple trees. Answer: Pruning of the trees should be done in the dormant period. This is the time span from when the trees drop their […]

Wanting My Trees Topped

Why Shouldn’t I Have My Trees Topped? As weather and temperatures moderate, people are beginning to go outside and are starting to assess their trees and consider pruning or topping them. Answer: Customarily, a person looks in the phone book and calls three different tree companies and states, “I want to get my trees topped […]

My Crabapple Trees are Dying

My Crabapple Trees are Dying Exceptionally wet spring weather exacerbates susceptibility of crabapple trees to a dangerous fungus known as Apple Scab. Answer: A recurring call that I repeatedly receive every year around June or July is that a property owner’s crabapple tree is losing its leaves and appears to be dying — followed by […]