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When and How to Begin Preparing Trees and Property for the Upcoming Growing Season

This time of year, people often ask us when and how they should begin preparing
their trees and property for the upcoming growing season.
This time of year with weather in transition from winter into spring, people are getting
excited to get back outdoors. People are going out to their local spring home shows to
see all the cool landscape designs and can’t wait to get started in their own yard.
| would say the first thing a home owner should do is go out and inspect your trees
with special attention being paid to tree root flare, trunk, and crown for defects.
If you do not have any trees, then your first priority should be to properly plant some
trees in carefully-selected locations because of all the benefits they provide.
Getting back to the inspection part of your property, you should do the same of any
neighboring trees that border your property. This simple step is usually never done.
When | arrive after being called about a fallen tree or large branch failure, | can usually
see that the defect was quite evident.
The usual first words out of the property owner’s mouth is that they did not even
notice the defect that caused the failure.
The proper times to perform inspections is usually after periods of extreme wind, ice,
heavy wet snow and when you first go out into the lawn for the spring to see what
might have happened to your trees during this past winter.
To get a more advanced assessment, one should hire a ISA certified arborist.
An ISA certified arborist can accurately assess the trees on and surrounding your
property and provide you with recommendations for your property.
Hiring an arborist helps protect you from physical harm and will reduce the potential
for your liability for legal damage claims against you.
Tree inspections are prudent and advisable for property managers as well as for home
Here is a link to a publication published by Purdue University on tree risk management.
If, you need assistance on tree risk assessment of your trees, then give us a call and we
can schedule an appointment with one of our ISA certified arborists.
Purdue: Tree Risk Management (PDF)
Beware of some disreputable companies that falsify that they are a certified arborists.
The only valid certification in the industry comes from the International Society of
Arboriculture (ISA).
Anybody can claim to be a certified arborist, but they can’t legally claim to be an ISA
certified arborist if they are not.

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